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    (Sustainable) Food for Thought

      Why are trays and trash cans absent in the NAU dining halls? And what is this stunning machine pictured below? Both are indicators of how Dining Services is making leaps and bounds when it comes to sustainability.     How much do we waste? Meal production, from planning to cleanup, can have big impacts on the environment. Estimates put food waste in America at 30-40%. That means ordering a pizza and immediately throwing away two delicious cheesy hot slices. Painful, no? And there’s a resource-rich history behind each of those pizza slices. Energy, water, animal feed, fertilizer, pesticides, transportation – these are all parts of food production. By reducing…

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    What’s an Eco-Rep?

    Eco-Rep peer education programs are becoming increasing popular at universities around the country. Usually, the goal of these programs is to teach students who live on campus about various issues related to sustainability and encourage them to adopt more sustainable living behaviors. This is accomplished by teaching the Eco-Reps about the various topics and training them to be effective communicators so that they can share the information they learn with their friends and neighbors in their residence hall and encourage behavior change. The Eco-Rep program at NAU is modeled after some of the most successful and popular programs, such as the one at the University of Vermont. Most of the…

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    Medicinal Plants Study Group

    Interested in learning about Medicinal Plants? Check out the Medicinal Plants Study Group brought to you by the Applied Indigenous Studies and Sustainable Communities programs. This study group is for dedicated and serious students to learn and share knowledge of medicinal plants, their healing properties, and native traditional recipes and stories. Each session we will focus on a different plant. both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to join! Where: SBS West Room 9 When: Every other Friday starting Jan. 27th from 1 – 3:30pm For further information, please contact: Marina Vasquez, Traditional Knowledge Scholar, marina.vasquez@nau.edu Martha James, SUS Graduate ARTs co-coordinator, mej53@nau.edu Katherine Golfinopoulos, SUS Graduate ARTs co-coordinator, kag247@nau.edu

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    Creating a Full Spectrum of Sustainability

    Who is participating in the switch to sustainability?  In the fall of last semester, the Student Environmental Caucus changed their identity to the “Green Jacks” in hopes of framing sustainability in a way that inspires school spirit (NAU Lumberjacks) and expands the spectrum of sustainability at NAU.  The group went to tailgates and sporting events wearing our Earth Week T-shirts while handing out sustainably produced wine and recycling literature to the student and alumni tailgaters.  Along with WACBAT (the Weatherization and Community Building Action Team), we hosted a solar panel crowd-funding event for the local Murdoc Community Center, which communicated the relationships between renewable energy and the liberty of Flagstaff as a community.  So,…

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    Free Compliments Phase II

    As a student ambassador of sustainability at the notoriously green Northern Arizona University, I am regularly exposed to the ideas of sustainability. This exposure and the large sustainability community involved has moved me to think in depth about the next level of campus sustainability. There is only so much that can be achieved by a core group of green students that are dedicated to sustainability. I imagine a healthy campus where there is no division between the green students and the student athletes, Greek life, ROTC students, etc. Our mission is thus to creatively include the uninvolved. Based loosely on the ideas expressed by Volkswagen’s Fun Theory we strive to…

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    Wind for Schools and the NAU Green Fund Collaborate to Install Wind Turbine

    The turbine was donated by Southwest Windpower, as was a 45’ tower. SWWP also had four staff members provide technical assistance for the entire day of the installation. The Facility Services department (formerly Capital Assets) at NAU did considerable work managing the project at no charge. Shaum Electric donated some of their labor. GLHN design from Tucson donated the design work including work on the electrical drawings. Time lapse footage by Christopher Ray. The data for the turbine will be used by the Wind for Schools project, and will be uploaded to the Idaho National Labs site so schools nationwide have access to it. It will also be used locally in…