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    Glass-only recycling growing NAU’s sustainability efforts

      From NAU News August, 22, 2018   NAU is looking to bring the green this year! Five glass-only recycling bins have been added to campus for access by all students, faculty and staff. The bins are placed near the campus bookstore, Health and Learning Center, Applied Research and Development building, W. A. Franke College of Business and the South Village. “NAU is known for strong place-based connections, from our vast ponderosa pine forests to our unique location on the Colorado Plateau,” environmental caucus manager Amanda Kapp said. “It is important to make a connection between this beautiful landscape and our everyday actions such as recycling.” NAU is no stranger to recycling. Through efforts such as…

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    NAU Dining Eliminates Plastic Straws!

      Arizona Daily Sun Katie Devereaux Sep 7, 2018   For the last 10 years, Northern Arizona University has made advancements in the way of sustainability, and its most recent effort is the removal of plastic straws from Campus Dining beverage stations. Following the national trend to reduce the use of plastic straws, NAU will now offer 100 percent compostable straws made of cornstarch to patrons upon request only, said Casey Fisher, NAU Campus Dining’s director of strategic planning and marketing. “For the most part, people are pretty accepting of it,” she said of the removal of plastic straws. “And honestly, there’s been enough media attention to the straw-less issue…

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    Axe the Trash a Success!

      Thank you to the 70+ folks who came out to the first annual Axe the Trash! campus cleanup. We learned about Flagstaff recycling, tidied up our beautiful campus and the headed to the President’s BBQ for a well-deserved lunch in the sunshine. A great day for sure.        

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    2018 Sustainable Leadership Awards

    So often, much of the work related to sustainability is made up of very very passionate and dedicated volunteers, but all too frequently, we don’t recognize that hard work and commitment as often as we should. That’s why the NAU Environmental Caucus is excited to celebrate the notable effort of so many campus and community members who worked to make NAU and Flagstaff more sustainable this year. Congratulations to all of our nominees and winners of the Sustainable Leadership Awards. Below is a brief glimpse of the work accomplished by our 2018 first place winners.   EC Founder Award: Laura Huenneke’s scientific expertise and experience, personal commitment to the environment and…

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    8 Tips on Having a Sustainable Spring Break

    Spring break is finally here and being more sustainable during the break isn’t as hard as it seems! Here are 8 tips on enjoying your spring break in a sustainable way:   Be a sustainable tourist: If you are traveling, buy locally sourced food for a more sustainable meal and support local business. Keep an eye out for local markets and don’t forget to bring a reusable bag. Supporting local business while you are traveling can help the economy and sustainability!   Plan ahead: Wherever you are going, a great option is bringing your own lunch and drinks in a reusable container. Doing this will help save you money and is more…

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    Climate Science and Solutions students Help Set the Stage for Flagstaff’s First Climate Action and Adaptation Plan

      One evening this past December, people settled into bar stools at the Flagstaff Orpheum, drinks in hand, familiar faces talking across tables. The lights dimmed. Graduate students from NAU’s Climate Science and Solutions program (CSS) were about to tackle the question: What will be the impact of climate change on four sectors: natural resources, business and economics, city services and infrastructure, and people. An hour later the students had delivered an ambitious amount of information. They translated research findings from climate scientists, making the data relevant for the Flagstaff audience. They discussed different possible climate trajectories and what each could mean for the Flagstaff region. Aside from the charts and…

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    (Sustainable) Food for Thought

      Why are trays and trash cans absent in the NAU dining halls? And what is this stunning machine pictured below? Both are indicators of how Dining Services is making leaps and bounds when it comes to sustainability.     How much do we waste? Meal production, from planning to cleanup, can have big impacts on the environment. Estimates put food waste in America at 30-40%. That means ordering a pizza and immediately throwing away two delicious cheesy hot slices. Painful, no? And there’s a resource-rich history behind each of those pizza slices. Energy, water, animal feed, fertilizer, pesticides, transportation – these are all parts of food production. By reducing…