Sustainable Leadership Awards 2019


The Environmental Caucus Sustainable Leadership award nomination for 2019 is now open! Annually, the Environmental Caucus, a monthly gathering of students, faculty, staff, and community recognizes outstanding sustainability leadership and initiatives throughout the campus and Flagstaff community. The initiatives should contribute to the advancement of Sustainability at NAU, the community, and the environment. They can include energy, transportation, agriculture, climate change, food waste, recycling, water, waste minimization, etc. We are proud to have a positive impact on the environment in and around Flagstaff and enjoy recognizing those key individuals who make a difference but often go unrecognized!

To the Environmental Caucus, sustainability means increasing the health of our community and planet. By understanding the problems we face and taking subsequent action—we will enhance the stability, resilience, and diversity of our intertwined natural, social, economic, and cultural systems. A sustainability award nominee should recognize the objectives of our mission, undertaking significant actions that would result in positive impacts on the sustainability of our local community, with either immediate or long-term impacts.

Awards are given to the following categories of people:


  • NAU graduate students
  • NAU undergraduate students
  • NAU projects/organizations
  • NAU faculty
  • NAU staff
  • Flagstaff community projects/organizations