10 Places on Campus to Recycle Glass

Not being able to recycle your glass in your bin at home is not something unique to Flagstaff. This is the case within many cities, however, NAU has taken steps to reduce campus waste, tens steps to be exact. There are now ten bins placed in various locations around campus that are dedicated specifically to glass recycling.

These bins are located near residential buildings as well as common campus buildings. Locations include by the dumpsters on the south end of the HLC, behind the bookstore, in between the Social and Behavioral Science building and the Engineering building, behind the Applied Research and Development building, the South Commuter parking lot, in front of the College of Business building, by Skyview Apartments, the Suites Apartments, within the Gabaldon circle, and by South Village Family Housing. These locations are identified with a star on the campus map attached.

When using one of the ten recycling bins on campus, don’t place the bag or container used to transport the glass into the glass recycling bin, as the bins are only for recycling glass. Glass is 100% recyclable, so by placing it in one of the bins on campus you are helping to cut large amounts of waste from local landfills. Help us help NAU reduce its waste!