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Can Flagstaff Go Straw-Free?

NAU is officially plastic straw-free! Flagstaff is on its way, too!

As of the start of the Fall 2018 semester, Norther Arizona University has eliminated plastic straws across campus. Any blended drinks purchased at campus dining facilities are served with compostable straws. Compostable straws are given upon request, rather than automatically with every drink order. Currently, NAU Campus Dining is in the process of changing the drink lids across campus for easier “sipping” with a peel-back tab.

Want to do more? Go lid-less!

Beyond Campus

Straw Free Flag is a collaborative campaign between Green NAU, The Azulita Project, The City of Flagstaff, and other community partners. The ultimate goal of Straw Free Flag is for 50% of Flagstaff businesses to commit to Straws By Requests Only (SBRO) by 2020.

As Flagstaff has reduced accepted recyclables, the community has been brought to think more about its environmental footprint and waste. Reducing the consumption of single-use plastic straws is an easy step in the right direction towards a greener Flagstaff. Residents are encouraged to simply ask for “no straw, please” when ordering a drink. However, the best option is eliminating automatic straw distribution. Some businesses have opted to offer reusable metal straws, such as The McMillian, or compostable paper straws, such as Criollo.

Get involved with #StrawFreeFlag! Encourage other local Flagstaff institutions to pledge Straws By Request Only. More information can be found and with Green Jacks. Follow the campaign on Facebook and Instagram.