NAU Dining Eliminates Plastic Straws!


NAU Goes Plastic-Straw Free
Northern Arizona University’s Hannah Cavalarie enjoys her Friday morning at the campus union while having an iced drink with Starbucks’ new reusable lids.

Arizona Daily Sun
Katie Devereaux


For the last 10 years, Northern Arizona University has made advancements in the way of sustainability, and its most recent effort is the removal of plastic straws from Campus Dining beverage stations.

Following the national trend to reduce the use of plastic straws, NAU will now offer 100 percent compostable straws made of cornstarch to patrons upon request only, said Casey Fisher, NAU Campus Dining’s director of strategic planning and marketing.

“For the most part, people are pretty accepting of it,” she said of the removal of plastic straws. “And honestly, there’s been enough media attention to the straw-less issue that people don’t seem to be caught off guard.”…Read More