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Flagstaff’s New Bike Share

Northern Arizona University in conjunction with the City of Flagstaff, Arizona launched a new bicycle share program. The city saw a need for a bike program as vehicles produce the majority of greenhouse gas emissions in Flagstaff. By creating a bike share program, car traffic and pollution could significantly be reduced. City officials placed 300 bikes around the city and on the college campus. The six-month bike share program launched last month through a company called Spin. The city did not pay for the program or any problems with the bikes. Instead, Spin allows cities to test the bike share program for free and even pays for any accidents, malfunctions, or damages to the bikes.

Unlike other bike share programs prior to Spin, users can park their bike anywhere in a city and eliminate the need for a dock to park and lock bikes. With over a 50-mile range, the bike can take students anywhere in the city they need to go. For only 50 cents per hour, students ride on and off campus to class and back home. To pay for the program, people log onto the Spin app and enter their card information.

Spin bicycles were made for city life. Each bike not only has a GPS tracking system to ensure it is not taken out of the city, but a basket, light, and lock. Once students reach their location and end their ride, pulling a simple lever down on the bike locks it until the next user comes along. City and university officials encourage students to park their bikes near bike racks to prevent any problems arising from improper bike placement. Users can contact the Spin help center for any issues with the bike.

Already bikes are seen all over campus and the city. Currently, the Flagstaff government is gathering feedback on the program. Hopefully, the program continues to succeed.