Sustainable Spring Break

8 Tips on Having a Sustainable Spring Break

Spring break is finally here and being more sustainable during the break isn’t as hard as it seems! Here are 8 tips on enjoying your spring break in a sustainable way:


  1. Be a sustainable tourist: If you are traveling, buy locally sourced food for a more sustainable meal and support local business. Keep an eye out for local markets and don’t forget to bring a reusable bag. Supporting local business while you are traveling can help the economy and sustainability!


  1. Plan ahead: Wherever you are going, a great option is bringing your own lunch and drinks in a reusable container. Doing this will help save you money and is more sustainable!


  1. Find a green place to stay: Look for a sustainably certified hotel or hostel to reduce your carbon footprint while traveling. Book Different is a great way to find sustainable places to stay during your trip. Additionally, Airbnb is a great option to reduce your carbon footprint while traveling, rather than staying in a hotel.


  1. Clean up after yourself: Beach pollution is a large problem during spring break and can have a lasting impact on the environment. Make sure to clean up your trash and leave only your footprints on the beach!


  1. Consider alternative transportation: Instead of driving or taking a taxi or Uber, consider walking or biking. Look for places to rent bikes and the enjoy the fresh air instead of sitting in a car. This can be a great option to reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy the local scenery!


  1. Find eco-friendly tourist options: Think about the activities you are doing on you spring break and consider the impact it has on the environment. Try activities such as biking, swimming, canoeing, or paddle boarding. These activities are enjoyable and don’t strain the environment!


  1. Be a local tourist: If you are planning on staying at home, explore the town and everything it has to offer. Check out museums, local shops, and parks instead of staying indoors and using energy. Get outside and enjoy spring break!


  1. Consider an alternative spring break: If you haven’t already planned your spring break, an alternative spring break is a great option for helping your community and being more sustainable. Volunteer with local organizations and make a difference during your time off!


contributed by MacKenzie Myhra