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Sustainable Snow Day

8 Sustainable Things to Do On a Snow Day


  1. Curl up with a blanket and watch the snow

By using blankets instead of turning on your heater, you could a lot of electricity and money. Even heated blankets use less electricity than conventional heaters in your home. So, grab a fuzzy blanket and watch the snow fall.

  1. Watch a documentary

There are so many amazing documentaries about environmentalism, climate change, and sustainability on Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube. Check out this list here for a list of some top environmental documentaries.

  1. Get a hot chocolate at Starbucks using your reusable mug

Did you know that the on-campus Starbucks at Northern Arizona University offer a 50-cent discount to people that bring in their mugs? With the price of drinks at Starbucks, 50-cents can really add up every time you bring in your mug. Reducing the number of single-use cups is very important as those cups are not recyclable and are the single largest contaminate of recycling on-campus.

  1. Get crafty

Enjoy your snow day by making something cute for yourself or your room! Try reusing materials already in your home and begin making your own products to become plastic free.

  1. Check for leaks

With the cold temperatures and wind that accompanies snow, there could be drafts entering your house. Try checking for where the installation in your house could be letting cold air in, like windows, doors, wall outlets, and vents. Read this article to learn how to fix those drafts to reduce the amount of heating your house needs.

  1. Make yourself a delicious vegan meal

By eating less meat, you are helping to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that are released by the meat and dairy industry. Vegan meals are more than just salads. Don’t believe me? Check out these quick and delicious recipes here.

  1. Use eco-friendly ice to melt the snow

Conventional salt that people use to melt snow can be detrimental to the ecosystem and harm animals in the area. To do your part and reduce your environmental impact, purchase ice melts that combine corrosion inhibitors like Calcium Magnesium Acetate or Ice-Ban with salt.

  1. Go sledding!

If there is enough snow, you have to go sledding. Please make sure to take home your sled or gather all of the pieces of your sled if it breaks. There is a large amount of trash left after people sled, don’t let that trash be yours!