O2GO: NAU Reusable Containers

NAU students asked and the Green Fund answered: Now presenting the O2GO reusable container program!

What is O2GO?

As of January 16th, O2GO was implemented on the NAU campus in Union Point. Implementation in Spring 2018 will act as a pilot program to gauge student interest in using reusable containers. You may purchase an O2GO container for a one-time fee of $5 from Star Ginger, Turnip the Greens, Cobrizo’s, G’s NY Style Deli and Denny’s. You can take your meal in the O2GO container wherever you please and, when you are done eating, place it in the OZZI machine in Union. In return, you will receive a gold token that allows you to replace your reusable container throughout the semester.

So far, the program has been a hit! As of March 27th, 6,500 containers had been used by students!

How will reusable containers help the NAU campus?

On campus, every year we produce approximately 942 tons of recyclable waste and even more goes to the landfill. By using OZZI containers students can help reduce the amount of recycling that NAU diverts. Excess waste from improper recycling and non-recyclable parts will also be greatly reduced. In addition, use of the OZZI system aligns with the Sustainability Action Plan that aims to divert waste on campus and reduce NAU’s overall CO2 emissions.

NAU will be the first university in Arizona to implement reusable containers in dining facilities and will also be the largest University that OZZI has ever partnered with. By participating in the program you are supporting sustainability on campus as well as helping NAU become a sustainability leader, both nationally and locally.

How can you get involved?

You can get involved by participating in the OZZI program at one of the five current locations. Tell your friends to do the same!

The future is greener!

With hopes that students enjoy participating in the O2GO program, the future could hold more reusable containers across campus. Upcoming OZZI locations could include South Campus, in the Dubois building, and possibly a push for reusable Starbucks cups. With these new additions NAU could have a waste free dining program in its near future!

Who was it sponsored by?

The NAU Green Fund sponsored this project with the $5 green fee that every student pays. However, this project would not be possible without our partnership with Campus Dining.

Need more info? Visit the NAU Campus Dining’s O2GO page.