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Solar Planes & Sustainability

The NAU Green Fund is an integral part of our campus’s sustainability community. However, it needs student participation in order to thrive! The idea of submitting a project proposal can seem rather daunting, but in reality the Green Fund is here to help out in any way they can! A great example of a past proposal success involves a group of engineering students, solar panels, and the power of flight.

In 2016, a group of Engineering majors came to the Green Fund with an idea. Their goal was to create an Ultra-Lightweight Solar Aircraft, controlled by remote and able to fly by only utilizing power from photovoltaic solar panels. The plane was also equipped with the technology to record energy production and consumption rates from the solar cells! The capstone group put together a website that expands onto the more intricate details of designing and building this solar plane.

That being said, the Green Fund is open to project ideas of all kinds! From this solar plane project in 2016 to the OZZI reusable container system being implemented on campus next year, the Green Fund is an ideal place for student innovation. Sustainability is a broad concept, and the Green Fund is here to help make student dreams for a greener world a reality. To submit a proposal, check out the Green Fund website!