President’s Cabinet Requests Reusable Water Bottles, Green NAU Delivers


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On Monday, November 30th, reusable water bottles were hand delivered to the President’s Cabinet by Caitlyn Burford (Chair, Environmental Caucus), Brandon VanBibber (Student: Co-chair of Green Jacks), and Jessica Lazor (Student: Chair of Green Fund). The President’s office made an inquiry to the Environmental Caucus about a donation of reusable water bottles for the Babbitt Admin conference room, specifically for the President’s Cabinet, which is comprised of about 45 people. By gaining reusable water bottles, they could eliminate all plastic water bottles from their conference room. The Environmental Caucus purchased these bottles from a local producer in Arizona who produces the bottles right here in the US. As the reusable containers were being distributed to the President’s Cabinet, President Cheng said her recent visit to the Dominican Republic with the women’s basketball team reinforced the importance of their availability. Cheng continued by saying, “we saw plastic bottles all over the streets and on the beaches. It was a stark reminder that these things don’t go away. NAU is a leader in sustainability efforts, and each of us sets the example by making responsible choices that reflect our understanding of the wider impact on the world.”

By providing reusable water bottles, which can be refilled using the water refill station in Babbitt Admin, the Environmental Caucus was able to assist the President’s Cabinet in eliminating plastic water bottles from the conference room completely. NAU is a leader in sustainability and steps like these will keep us at the forefront of sustainable efforts. “It was a powerful feeling to hear the president of our University talk about how these plastic bottles don’t go away and how important it is for us to make an effort to battle these negative influences,” said Brandon VanBibber of the Green Jacks. “By having President Cheng initiate this change, she is further contributing to NAU’s Culture of Sustainability, and that’s important,” said Jessica Lazor of the Green Fund, “this is exactly what we need.”