Green NAU Wine of the Year Winner!

(Don’t Bring Glass to Tailgates!!)

Since last year, Green NAU has been recycling at home football game tailgate parties.  Before we started recycling, hundreds of pounds of recyclable materials and glass ended up in the landfill.

NAU cannot recycle glass at these events, so we encourage everyone attending the tailgate parties to purchase beer in aluminum cans, as well as canned or boxed wine.

In an effort to educate tailgate attendees about the benefits of canned or boxed wine, Green NAU partnered with Vino Loco to hold a wine tasting event to determine the best boxed/canned wine to bring to NAU’s tailgate parties.

Green Wine Picture
Vino Loco manger Gabriel Holden and green wine tasting attendee Wendy McBride enjoying the event.

Besides being recyclable at tailgates, boxed wine has a carbon footprint that is less than half of the equivalent bottles (Source) and less packaging = less waste (85% less waste). Also, aluminum cans are infinitely recyclable!

Jacob Dottle, the communication intern for the Environmental Caucus, interviewed Gabriel Holden from Vino Loco about the Green Wine of the Year event, and Carole Kennelly from the Grand Canyon Wine Co. about their winning canned wine.

Vino Loco’s Gabriel Holden explained that, “our culture at Vino Loco has always strongly supported hosting events promoting a progressive cause such as Green NAU’s Green Wine of the Year.  Boxed and especially the higher quality canned wines have been increasing in sales at Vino Loco and I would expect them to become much more mainstream in the coming years.  I would expect to see them at every gas station and liquor store around the country sooner than later. The event at Vino Loco sponsoring Green NAU’s Green Wine of the Year was a success! There were about fifty people who participated and voted in the Year’s winner – Grand Canyon Traveller Red Blend & Grand Canyon Traveller White Blend—both a canned wine.”

Green Wine Winner
Winner of Green NAU’s Wine of the Year: Grand Canyon Winery’s Arizona Red Wine

Carole Kennelly, from Grand Canyon Winery explained their efforts to make a more sustainable product, “We decided to do the wine, which came out about two months ago, and is 100% Arizona wine.  All of our grapes come from seven vineyards in Arizona, predominantly from the Wilcox area and the Verde Valley.  Many other wine companies get their grapes from California or from overseas.  This contributes to large amounts of air pollution due to the transportation process.  Obtaining our grapes from local vineyards helps reduce our impact on the Earth.”

“Our main reason for making wine in a can is because we love mountain climbing, river rafting and other outdoor activities, where bringing wine in a bottle is not very practical.  Many river rafting trips do not allow people to bring glass bottles, due to the possibility of the glass breaking in the river.  The wine in a can allows people to bring smaller portions of wine with them, while minimizing on weight and trash.”

“The green wine event was great!  It really helps to pull the community together and to have a great time.  It is really great to team up with local businesses,” Carole concluded.

“The wine can be bought at the Barrel and Bottle House, which is located on the corner of Cottage and San Francisco.  The wine is sold in single 8oz cans or in 4 pack of cans.  Proper Meats and Provisions serves up delicious local fare at the Barrel + Bottle, so this gives people a chance to try our wine, beer and have a little bit of food.”